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Do you want to get mutiple quotes for small commercial, all in one place? Applied users are thrilled with how Semsee can help streamline the small commercial quoting process:

“Semsee is important for me because it’s my first stop when I’m putting together a proposal. I start there to understand who’s going to have a market for this business and how am I going to get applications done,”  --Bill, an Applied Epic User"

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The Semsee Advantage


New business quoting takss that used to take hours will now take ~15 minutes.


Quote with multiple carriers in less time and highlight important coverage differences to advice clients on the best options for their needs.


Deliver on what your customers want and have come to expect  with efficient processing for new busine


Spend less time quoting and more time building your small commercial book of business, servicing clients, and generating revenue.

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